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    Shea Butter Conditioner 500ml

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    Brand Name: Labochy

    Weight: 500ml

    IngredientsKEY INGREDIENT
    The Shea Butter Conditioner incorporates an array of functional constituents, including natural vegetable oils, proteins, amino acid,and vitamins, which work in concert to contribute to proper hair care. Olive oil and grape seed oil, natural vegetable oils that are abundant in antioxidants, feature prominently. These antioxidants are capable of repairing damaged hair strands, reducing branch points, and preventing breakage. Additionally, proteins serve to enhance hair strength and elasticity, thereby rendering it more supple. Finally, the inclusion of vitamins promotes scalp health and encourages hair growth

    The Brand: Labochy is a certified 100% cruelty free brand, committed to creating products that are free from all animal testing. Labochy has been dedicated to cruelty free practices and products since the first day of estabilshment.
    Our manufacturing and testing processes are completely free from animal testing, and we only cooperate with suppliers who do not test on animals.​

    All products are:

    – Natural ingredients
    – Cruelty Free
    – Vegan
    – Carbon Neutral
    – Non GMO
    – No Sulphate and Paraben
    – No BHA, Mineral Oils, Colarants, DEA, Toluene, Paraffins or added Pthalatetes

    Description: Made with 100% organic natural shea butter

    Shea butter conditioner rehabilitates, strengthens, and protects your hair from root to tip

    Product Benefits
    Natural formula shea butter

    Provides optimal hydration for all hair types.

    Increase your hair’s manageability, smoothness, and shine

    The operational foundation of shea butter conditioner is based on its substantial blend of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. This combination synergistically functions to deeply moisturize and nourish both the hair fibers and the dermal layer of the scalp. Within shea butter, essential unsaturated fatty acids including oleic and stearic acid are present and effectively contribute to locking in moisture and fostering optimal hair well-being. In addition, this natural emollient contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, which impede harm caused by environmental factors.


    A noteworthy advantage of utilizing shea butter conditioner is its capacity to moisturize hair. It proficiently hydrates hair strands, diminishing dryness and preventing breakage. Such an attribute proves to be particularly advantageous to individuals with dry or damaged hair, as it can help restore vitality and enhance manageability. Shea butter’s inherent emollient characteristics work to soften the hair, making it more supple and simpler to style. Consistently utilizing shea butter shampoo can also diminish dryness and itchiness of the scalp, thereby promoting a healthier scalp environment.


    To utilize the Shea Butter Conditioner professionally, begin by moistening your hair with lukewarm water. Then, evenly apply a suitable amount of conditioner, paying special attention to the hair tips. Gently massage the scalp to ensure full absorption of the conditioner’s nourishing benefits. Allow the conditioner to penetrate the strands for a few minutes. When finished, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all residue. Experts suggest using the product once or twice a week, adjusting the frequency according to your hair’s specific condition.


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