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    Ebisu Herb Organic

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    Brand Name: Japan Henna Co.

    Color: Brown

    Weight: 100g

    Certification: EcoCert USDA Organic Halal Certified

    Ingredients: Key Ingredients: Organic Henna, Sandalwood, Nanbanai leaf

    Description: Ebisu Herbs Organic is a treatment powder just for hair. Made from natural herbs which earned the three major certifications. “Ebisu Herbs Organic” is created using high-quality ingredients, and putting a great deal of time and thought into our product giving it high adhesion and treatment effects. 3 effects at once! “Scalp care”: The pack effect provides nutrients to the scalp with vitamins and polyphenols. “Hair Care”: Gives elasticity and elasticity, increases volume, coats the hair, and gives it an outstanding luster. Reduces the volume of unruly hair, “color care” during the rainy season… Naturally fades gray hair and restores uneven color. How to Apply: Colour: Brown Target: More than 50% of gray hair. Slightly reduces the tone of colored hair Effect: Turns gray hair brown and eliminates unevenness of colored hair. Instructions: For those with a sensitive scalp, skin, or suspected plant allergies, please do a patch test. Recommended to be used at least 3 times to feel the difference. Colour may come off on wet hair after washing.


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