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    Hair Mask in Jar 500ml

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    Brand Name: Labochy

    Weight: 500ml

    IngredientsKEY INGREDIENT
    Its comprises not just shea butter, but also assorted additional functional elements, such as protein, amino acid, and vitamins. Protein functions to mend impaired hair, augment resilience and suppleness, and diminish breakage and division. Organic plant extracts, for instance, aloe vera and coconut oil, are abundant in antioxidants and beneficial elements, which can foster and overhaul hair to make it more robust and sleek. Vitamins aid in promoting hair growth and developing scalp well-being.

    The Brand: Labochy is a certified 100% cruelty free brand, committed to creating products that are free from all animal testing. Labochy has been dedicated to cruelty free practices and products since the first day of estabilshment.
    Our manufacturing and testing processes are completely free from animal testing, and we only cooperate with suppliers who do not test on animals.​

    All products are:

    – Natural ingredients
    – Cruelty Free
    – Vegan
    – Carbon Neutral
    – Non GMO
    – No Sulphate and Paraben
    – No BHA, Mineral Oils, Colarants, DEA, Toluene, Paraffins or added Pthalatetes

    Description: Deep moisturizing hair mask with organic shea butter and Vitamin E provides deep hydration to the scalp. Hair and scalp are protected and restored to their natural balance

    Natural formula shea butter

    Provides optimal hydration for all hair types.

    Increase your hair’s manageability, smoothness and shine


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