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    Leave-In Conditioner

    SGD 30.00

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    Repairs and Protects Hair

    Brand Name: KooSwalla

    Weight: 120ml

    Certification: NA

    Description: Eliminates frizz, Intense moisturising treatment and restores shine.
    Kooswalla moroccan Argenteuil leave in conditioner is in essential daily care for frizzy and dry hair. Infused with Argenteuil oil, protects the hair, soften and prevents split ends.
    To restore vitality and hydration to the hair, adds a healthy and natural shine to the hair.
    Recomended for all types of hair.


    Apply 2-3 pumps of the leave in conditioner to damp or dry hair, concentrating product on the mid links and ends of the hair. Comb through and style as desired. For best results used in conjunction with other Kooswalla products.

    The Brand:  KooSwalla is an Australian company with a manufacturing plant in China. KooSwalla’s products focus on producing natural and organic cosmetic products. We carefully select raw materials from all over the world, maintaining the natural goodness of the plants to the greatest extent possible. KooSwalla embodies the same spirit as elephants, which are mascots of love, strength, and loyalty to nature.

    Argan Oil Series are vegan and organic.
    Smell: Fruity and Floral “


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