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    Naqa Kids Soap

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    Naqa The Camel – Kids for extra delicate skin

    Brand Name: The Camel Soap Factory


    Weight: 90g

    Certification: Hand Made, Eco Friendly, Natural, Recyclable, Palm Oil free

    Ingredients: All-natural ingredients Fresh Camel Milk Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, & Shea Butter Rice Bran Oil & Castor Oil Essential Oils Activated Charcoal 30% fresh camel milk in every bar 3 formulations address the most common skin types. Pure Unscented – Fragrance-free and packed with anti-ageing antioxidants and pure hydrating oils to protect and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. Healing Frankincense – Precious Omani Frankincense and sweet orange oils firm and tone the skin, helping to visibly reduce the signs of aging, sun damage and fine lines. Charcoal Detox- Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree oil gently draw out impurities, unclogging pores and encouraging smooth, blemish free skin.

    Camel Milk, Sodium Almondate (Almond), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut), Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter), Sodium Olivate (Olive), Glycerin, Sodium Castorate (Castor).

    Description: Naqa Kids Soap Bar

    Our Kids Soap Bar is a delightful way to make bath time fun, safe, and eco-conscious. Crafted with gentle, natural ingredients, our soap bar is specially formulated for children’s sensitive skin, ensuring a mild and nurturing cleansing experience. With a tear-free formula, our Kids Soap Bar ensures a tearless and enjoyable bath time for your little ones.

    Camel Milk Kids soap bar offers a unique blend of nourishing benefits for the skin, thanks to its rich content of vitamins, minerals, and natural moisturizers. Camel milk is widely known to have lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), which gently exfoliate the skin, provide hydration and promote skin renewal.

    What’s more! The Camel Soap Factory soaps have plastic-free packaging which is eco-friendly, designed to be as gentle on the planet as it is on your child’s skin. Free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, and artificial dyes, our kids’ soap bar is a parent-approved choice for a worry-free bath routine. Make bath time a breeze with our convenient, mess-free soap bars that are easy for little hands to hold.

    Choose our Kids-Friendly Soap Bar for a wholesome, eco-conscious approach to your child’s skincare. Nurture their skin with the care it deserves, all while instilling a love for sustainability. Make bath time memorable, safe, and planet-friendly with our specially crafted Kids-Friendly Soap Bar.

    The Brand: Established in 2013 ‣ Manufacturer of natural, hand-crafted soaps and skincare products ‣ Proudly based in Dubai ‣ Over 2 million soaps sold ‣ Exported to over 30 countries ‣ Natural, environmentally friendly & sustainable ‣ Winner of several business and product awards Camel milk and other local ingredients at the heart of every product ‣ Proudly crafted in Dubai ‣ Sustainable and waste-free manufacturing ‣ Environmentally friendly packaging ‣ Committed to plastic free packaging ‣ Natural ingredients – no chemical nasties ‣ Founder-led company with family values Why Camel Milk: Rich in Lactic Acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid), clinically proven to gently exfoliate the skin and and promote collagen growth. The skin is lighter, with an even tone and reduced surface lines. Natural Anti-Oxidants help to protect the skin from free-radicals, resulting in brighter, younger looking skin. Vitamins, including Selenium and Zinc, help to promote healthy skin growth. Effective for reducing blemishes, lightening and brightening the skin and has excellent moisturising properties. Cettifications: GMP Certified Halal Certified Natural ingredients No Sulphate No Parabens No Nitrates No Chemicals Environment Friendly Cruelty Free

    1 review for Naqa Kids Soap

    1. YH (verified owner)

      A great soap for kids (and also for sensitive skin) as it is very gentle, and the fragrance is pleasant as well. A plus point that this is made in the UAE!

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